The washer and dryer at Ms. Sue’s starts early in the morning and ends late at night.  With forty two kids, clothes get dirty and, even with throw away diapers, there is hardly time to wash, dry,fold, and hang. Some of the clothes are hand washed in buckets in the front yard and the girls are most often saddled with this task, though Peter was scrubbing his white sneakers yesterday morning in a sink in the laundry room.. Ms. Sue wants the outside laundry location changed, because, near the house, the soil gets wet and makes mud that gets tracked into the house by almost a hundred little feet..  The new outside laundry area is in the shade, pebbles bordered by a square perimeter of heavy rocks borrowed from a collapsed retaining wall next to the guest house where I bivouac during my volunteer visit. The girls are washing in the new place today, but, mostly, they laugh, talk, learn. Clean clothes are a treasure, especially when you have no treasure chest to put them in. Making do doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing,and kids, even in rough times, always find ways to have fun. One of the kid’s lifts the slow running hose and sprays the others till the hose is wrestled away and staff gets them all quiet again. Having to do your laundry is a lifetime chore and having a little fun, when you do it, makes you like it more than you should.  
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