Saturday is laundry day, and trombone day. Over the blue wall, next door, someone is practicing trombone. I was up late listening to Masterclass You Tube Videos by Hal Galper on jazz improvisation, hearing, thinking, the tribal attitude, musical tradition. Learning to play jazz is like learning to walk, learning numbers and letters, reading, all over again. You start at one note and then find the next one that sounds good.  You put them in an order that is pleasing and play till you have it where it sounds good to you, and to an audience. According to Hal, we don’t have slow hands, we have slow brains. While I listen, and hum along, a lizard scales the blue wall, rests on the top ledge, looks over the other side. He catches the morning breeze. Making sounds is one thing; making music is another. I need to go practice. Getting triggered by your surroundings, goes to the heart of  
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