Ann’s art studio is also a gallery, a meeting place, a classroom, a resource of information, a great place to pick up a brush if you have an itch. Studios, as opposed to galleries, are works in process. There are finished and unfinished compositions on the walls, stacked in corners, left on easels. There are cans of brushes and rags, solvents and photographs of scenes that interest pinned to boards.The discussions here are about color, line, proportion, texture, what you want to say, how to put paint on a flat canvas to get a three dimensional shape and how to create art people want to buy. Some of the works here have Nicaraguan scenes while others channel European or American traditions. A studio is a place of discovery. All these projects are around me, whispering, laughing, demanding attention, asking me to purchase them and find a place at home to show them off. The pursuit of art is noble even if it gets messy and expensive.  
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