Scott’s Adventures in Uruguay

Gaucho/Uruguay Folk Hero Stuck in a museum

One of the first things I pick up in a new place is a local map. I find main streets, find plazas, find the river, find the bus terminal or airport, a good place to eat, the farmacia, and someone who knows a little English if I get in a jam. The map the hotel gives me...

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Thanksgiving Meal With No Turkey Pizza with cheese

Thanksgiving is a peculiar American invention and even more peculiar since Indians had as much to do to do with losing America as Europeans had winning it. A couple of colder winters, more cold hearted Indians, and the invasion would have been postponed but Medicine...

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Termas of Dayman Hot water

Salto is known for termas, hot mineral baths. The Dayman terma, not far from Salto, can handle hundreds of visitors at a time. It has spas for those that want a massage.There are eating facilities. There are lockers, picnic tables and shaded areas to take rest out of...

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Plants For Sale in Salto El Nuevo Vivero

The exterior of this old home, turned into a business, looking older than dirt, catches my interest. As in Montevideo, there are antiquated homes in Salto too. These were built in the last century, or before, and feature ornamental stone work, balconies, tall...

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Rio Uruguay Fisherman Catfish monsters

This morning, I walk down Calle Uruguay, all the way to the Rio Uruguay. This river separates Argentina and Uruguay. Though it isn't the Mississippi or the Nile, or the Amazon, it meets the rock test. If a body of water is so big you can't throw a rock across it, it...

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Three Crosses Bus Terminal Time to kill

The bus ride from Punta Del Este back to Montevideo takes three hours and ends at the Three Crosses Terminal. Downstairs, bus companies, representing large and small bus lines that cover all routes in Uruguay, are selling tickets and loading luggage and passengers....

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Uruguay is Nothing but Green Bus ride to Salto

If I were a cow, the only place I would want to live would be Uruguay. Much like Arabs love their desert and sailors love their ocean, cows have to love this country. Those of us going to Salto on Monday, and there aren't many of us, board the bus at twelve thirty in...

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La Paloma/Uruguay Lighthouse and surf

Rocha was my original goal. My bus gets to Rocha and within a few minutes I am wondering why I bothered to make the trip?  Sometimes you get to a point where you get stuck and the best thing to do is go to a restaurant, have a drink, and evaluate. So, I go into a...

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Juan Carlos and Mate National drink

Marijuana is legal in Uruguay. You don't see much of it on the streets. A few surfers under palm trees indulge themselves, the pungent smell immediately detectable. You see tourists enjoying the herb in public, flaunting authorities. However, the real national...

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Ralli Museum, Punta Del Este Beverly Hills Look Alike

There is a Beverly Hills of Punta Del Este, Uruguay. They call it a barrio, like other barrios, but, the houses are immense, the yards larger, the privacy maintained, and no clunkers are allowed on the streets. The Beverly Hills barrio of Punta Del Este is located on...

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