Saturdays start slow in Salto. Even hound dogs sleep in this morning, worn out from chasing girls all night. On the Rio Uruguay,  small boat Captains  are pushing their fishing boats hard, taking two, three, four paying customers further up the river where dorado’s are waiting to be reeled in at ” La Zona” where fishing is excellent and many travelers like to go in their quest of trophy fish. On the pier this morning, early, there is a photo shoot in progress with three young girls dancing, modeling swimsuits, posing for sexy photos and getting direction from an old, bald impressario wearing sunglasses. When the teens change costumes a matronly attendant holds up a coat for them that becomes their changing room. Clowning around, their big boss balances on the back of one of the benches on the pier and dances while a film crew snaps shots and gives him appreciation. The girls love it. I don’t know what they are trying to sell so early in the day, but youth and sex sells most anything anytime. Behind news, business and politics is always old men with lots of money and  lots of connections. .
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