There must be as many real estate sales offices in Punta Del Este as there are places for sale and rent.

You walk business streets and there are offices with desks, computers, lights, house for sale posters taped to the inside of front glass windows with floor plans, square footage, zoning, and prices. You walk residential streets and see signs hanging from balconies or posted in windows that say Se Vende or Alguilo. No one stays put these days and for all the places here that has someone living in them, you still have plenty of places that are empty. This is a real estate broker’s paradise. Customers come down, fall in love, buy a place, move here, then lose their love and bail out. You get to sell a place over and over and over and you have nothing of yours at stake.

The area is seductive. It is clean, has shopping, has the beach, is easy to get around, is safe. The fact that it is expensive and is a resort community that expands in the good months and shrinks to a skeleton staff in the winter is easy to forget..

If you buy a place here are you going to live in it full time?

How much use will you get out of it?

Who will watch it when you are not here?

Is renting it practical?

Are property values going to rise or fall in the next few years so you don’t lose your reason for investment?

What is the government going to do that will impact the value of your investment, the income you might make from it, or whether you can sell it or not?

Is it really any different here than in Fort Lauderdale or Padre Island or San Diego, California?

If you are in business how are you going to survive lean months.

Hidden is the word immobiliaria is the smaller and more operative word ” liar. ”  When you are trying to sell something you never want to move people away from the sale.

As far as I know, Gerardo is the most honest man on the planet and can, for a price, find you the castle of your dreams.

My dad was a realtor so I know there are honest ones.



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