Animal Stories

Cooped Up Stan's Chicken House

Stan has had back yard chickens for a few years. They weren't something he wanted as a childhood dream, but his adopted kids wanted chickens so he built them a first rate coop, feeds them, keeps their cage clean, and can't kill them because his daughter would cry. "...

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Horned Toad Starbucks Parking Lot

Starbucks in my city are ubiquitous. For a couple of bucks for fresh coffee I can mingle with tech savvy people who lean towards globalism, free healthcare for all, living wage checks from Uncle Sam, electric cars.  This morning, in my local Starbucks parking...

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Llamas Larkspur, Colorado

Llamas are an important working animal in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and other high Andes South American countries used to transport goods where vehicles can't go. Llama wool keeps locals warm and you can buy hand made llama sweaters, caps and blankets in open markets in...

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Bird Bath Old Town, Albuquerque, 2018

This fountain stands in a plaza in Albuquerque's Old Town and this morning, while Alan and I walk the square, local birds play and preen in its cool waters. Birds enjoy showers but they don't need soap, soap dishes, or towels. From their songs, I don't think they have...

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Sunflowers and Winston Requiem for Winston

  This morning, in the rough, I don't look for my errant drive. One of our foursome's little dog, Winston, was bit by a rattler and died on another course a few weeks ago. A golf ball,even a new one, is not worth coming face to face with a poisonous viper....

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Rocking Horse For the Grandkids

In Charlie's front entry, his project materials are carefully spread on the floor. There are drills and hammers, paint brushes, screwdrivers, scissors and a set of instructions, if needed. Charlie is building a Rocking Horse for his newest grand-daughter. In Charlie's...

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Flamingos A long way from home

Flamingos are often seen in front yards as plastic yard ornaments, and double as stir sticks in fancy lounge drinks. This evening, the Albuquerque zoo is hosting a music concert. Surrounding the stage, families and friends have spread umbrellas, blankets, folding...

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No Pets At the Marble Street Brewery

  Pets, in America, have become more than pets.   At the Marble Brewery, the limits to their importance are clearly stated on step risers leading to the second floor of this downtown Albuquerque drinking establishment. It is only a matter of time before...

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Snake Country Santa Ana Golf Course, Albuquerque

Golf is not a dangerous sport except to your ego. It is not leaping out of an airplane with a small chute to land you safely. It is not driving a race car around curves over two hundred miles an hour. It is not getting tackled by a three hundred and fifty pound...

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Critters Watch your Dashboard

  Crazy glued to the dashboard, these critters listen to talk radio. They are also familiar with Top Fifty tunes, political lies, opinions, advertisements, trivia, propaganda, " Fake News" and World News. Some of these critters seem like animals we should have as...

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Snakes At the Rattlesnake Museum

Snakes don't have fingers, toes, arms, or legs. They are coldblooded and need sun to get stirring. Cultures throughout human history have worshiped them, reviled them, and eaten them. For photography and curiosity reasons, Joan, visiting from Boston, has pinpointed...

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Horsing Around Alan's cookie jar

In the 1950's, Patsy Cline was the premier country western singer. Her lyrics mirrored those of today; broken relationships, falling in and out of love, working for a living, heartaches and headaches. She was talked up in the tabloids, wore clothes as far removed from...

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