Pat reminds me to dig deeper into amber, when I’m in the Dominican Republic, highly valued by Kings and royalty way way back when we had Kings and royalty. Tunneling deeper, I walk myself  to the Museum of Ambar at 454 Calle Arzobismo Merino Street in the Zona Colonia, four blocks from the Plaza Colon. Brunilda, standing inside the Museo’s front door, opens it as I reach for the door handle,and warmly welcomes me inside with a cheerful ” Good afternoon.”  She leads me upstairs on a guided tour of the amber exhibit that gives me a history of the amber industry in the Dominican Republic.  For those who need a refresher on amber –
  1. Amber is tree sap that has stuck around millions of years.
  2. Jurassic Park popularized amber with its premise of bringing dinosaurs back to life by extracting blood from insects preserved in amber who had bit dinosaurs, then using dinosaur DNA inside the insect blood to create real dinosaurs.
  3. Amber sometimes has bark, roots, leaves, vegetables, ants, termites, lizards caught inside it.
  4. Amber comes in lots of colors, shapes and sizes.
  5. “Blue Amber ” is found only in the Dominican Republic and if you hold ” Blue Amber ” up to light you see the blue tints.
  6. Amber,dropped into a saline solution, floats. If the amber you have doesn’t float, it isn’t worth the price you paid for it.
After our tour, Brunilda escorts me to the museum retail store. Even though I’m sold on amber, i don’t buy anything today. Not taking money when I go on little expeditions is one of my best travel precautions I want to see a movie about a tourist caught in amber who comes back to shopping life in the twenty third century. The first thing he wouldn’t be able to buy would be a battery for his cell phone.  
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