It takes skill to build a birdhouse.

I didn’t get a builder’s tour but this birdhouse comes with a sturdy shingle roof, spacious front porch, and a back door that can be opened to clean inside. The home’s front door is a round hole, big enough for a small sparrow to enter but small enough to keep out a coyote, hawk, or house cat.

This is one of Charlie’s birdhouse masterpieces..

The last one he made was more complex, a bird mansion that resembled a traditional New Mexico Pueblo, complete with ladders to roofs and a kiva. We all agreed it should be hanging in an art gallery but it is destined for Birmingham, Alabama for grand kid’s and a lucky bluebird family.

Us Charlie supporters, haven’t been on line yet to see what the going price is for “custom” birdhouses, if you could even find a custom  one like this for sale..

More than likely, you can buy your birdhouses cheapest from Amazon but Charlie makes them for free for family and friends.Even a dirt poor rice farmer in Vietnam can’t sell his birdhouse for nothing. 

If I were a bird, I would park my feathers inside this roomy mansion, turn on my big screen television and watch Hitchcock’s ” The Birds” ,or a documentary on Charlie “Bird” Parker.

I would move into this birdhouse now, in a second, if i could squeeze through the front door.

Living without a mortgage would be liberating.







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