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Chili Fundraiser 450 happy diners

We spend lots of time waiting in our lives. We wait to be born and wait to be buried, wait to graduate, wait to raise kids, pay off a mortgage, retire, serve and be served,break par, get money back on our taxes.  If we are lucky the line keeps moving and we have...

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Shuffling Along Rincon RV - Resort, Tucson

By eight in the morning, on a Saturday, a tournament is humming along. The game is simple enough. Each player has three discs and a stick. Each turn, a player pushes one of his disks down a slick court with his stick and tries to make his disc stop in one of the...

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Electrical Shutdown A day job

Early morning, city crews are closing traffic on Calle Libertidad and an intersecting residential street. An old fashioned wood electrical pole is going to be replaced by a newer fiberglass model,and new electrical lines are being strung to provide more service to a...

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Independence Day Nicaragua Parades in the Plaza

Like most countries in Central and South America, Nicaragua's independence was wrested from Spain. In some countries Spain held the field till the bitter end and there were fierce battles. In other countries, like Costa Rica, their power and control was more gently...

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Drumbeats Neighborhood parade

I hear and follow the rhythms. This gathering, at a Calzada street intersection, is a neighborhood parade of girls in traditional dress, a brigade of drummers, a crowd following the action. This little group is practicing for a much larger extravaganza celebrating the...

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Burning Man Video couldn't wait till dark

This affair starts early. Usually, people wait till dark to do their exorcisms, but this bunch has already laid their body in the street in front of a business and are stuffing papers down its pants. In a world of camera phones, nothing goes un-noticed and...

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Christmas Baby Coming out of the New Cathedral

On the 24th of December there is a massive Christmas parade through downtown Cuenca. On the 25th of December, the day officially celebrated as Christ's birthday, there is a much smaller and simpler celebration at the New Cathedral across from the Parque Calderone....

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Cuenca Christmas Parade All day affair

The Christmas Parade on December 24th is the full Monte. It is an all day affair with the parade route being prepared at seven in the morning and the end of the parade passing Calderone Park at seven in the evening. It is music, floats, dancers, walkers, Christmas...

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Wedding Pictures A different kind of wedding

These two couples, just married, are getting their wedding photos taken in Parque Calderone. When I first see them they have, with them, a young bearded tenor sax player playing " Here comes the Bride " on a street corner. Their little photographer is contorted to get...

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Protest in Cuenca – Video December 4, 2015

When people are shut out from having a say about what happens to them, by those they have elected, protests are inevitable. Some protests move into chaos and violence,some are contained, others are snuffed out like the tip of a burning candle. I make myself invisible,...

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Political Protest in Parque Calderone sign of our times

There is political and social unrest around the world. This protest in Parque Calderone centers around recent Constitutional Amendments approved by the National Assembly in Quito. Ecuador has a representative democracy and it is written in their Constitution that the...

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