We spend lots of time waiting in our lives. We wait to be born and wait to be buried, wait to graduate, wait to raise kids, pay off a mortgage, retire, serve and be served,break par, get money back on our taxes.  If we are lucky the line keeps moving and we have more people behind us, than ahead. This line started forty five minutes before six, the scheduled time for the chili fundraiser for the Lapidary Club. In the auditorium, attendees visit old friends and make new ones. You would think that with less time left in their hourglass old people would be in a bigger hurry.  The Chili Fundraiser is a success. The chili isn’t spicy enough for some but we’ll wait till next time to see if the chefs get bolder. The older we get the more bland our food has to be. Raising funds is always a challenge, but tonight they SOLD all their tickets. People watching beats television any time.  
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