Like most countries in Central and South America, Nicaragua’s independence was won from Spain. In some countries Spain held the field till the bitter end and there were fierce battles. In other countries, like Costa Rica, their power and control was more gently transferred. On the net, BBC lays out a timeline of Nicaragua’s history, a country that has been meddled with by Spain, Britain, and the United States from its inception. There has been a succession of dictators and strong men here,but,at the moment, revolutionary Daniel Ortega, American President Ronald Reagan’s nemesis, remains in power, duly elected, true to his Marxist theology. This birthday finds Nicaragua moving forward,but escaping your reputation is daunting. The people in this celebration audience are attentive and polite as political speeches come rolling out of political mouths. There are probably some in the crowd that wish Nicaragua still belonged to Spain, but they don’t have the microphone. Consensus is nearly impossible to achieve, these days, on just about any issue. Leaders wish us to obey, but what they really do, their entire elected term, is try to herd us cats where we don’t want to go.  
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