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Godfather street Zona Colonia- Calle Hostos

According to one of my first guides, Alberto, this Godfather Street is where parts of the movie " Godfather " were filmed. Alberto who is missing one leg but transports quickly, even with crutches,took me on a tour the other day to the Plaza Espana, which is close,...

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Museo of Amber Zona Colonia, Santo Domingo

Pat reminds me to dig deeper into amber, highly valued by Kings and royalty way way back when we had Kings and royalty. Tunneling deeper, I start walking to the Museum of Ambar at 454 Calle Arzobismo Merino Street in the Zona Colonia, four blocks from the Plaza Colon....

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Jardin Botanico Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

A ten minute taxi ride to the north of the Zona Colonia is the National Botanical Gardens of the Dominican Republic.   The gardens are huge and narrow city sidewalks are traded for wide foot paths to walk freely in wide open spaces This Sunday there is a...

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Trip to Sanoa Beach From Santo Domingo

Those going on this day trip from Santo Domingo to Sanoa Island start at the Pizzerelli Pizza Palace at six forty five in the morning. There is no one on the street this morning when I walk to our assigned pick up point, but, at the pizza place, there are five of us...

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Museo of Cacao Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Cocoa is grown mostly in West Africa but is also cultivated in the Dominican Republic,Grenada and Nicaragua, all located in the same geographical band circling the waist of our planet. Cocoa is labor intensive to grow and turn into products people will buy, but it...

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Dominican Republic Getting ready for Santo Domingo

Trips start with me saying the name of a country three times while hopping up and down on my left foot, twice. There are 195 countries in the world, according to Wikipedia. I can't see them all, in this lifetime, so I usually choose countries to visit that look warm...

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Kaktus Brewing Company Blues Jam-Video Girls Night Out

Girls like to sing the blues too. Their blues are mostly about guys that don't leave quick enough or stay long enough, guys who can't make up their minds and stick with what they finally decide on, guys who drink too much or not enough, guys who are running around...

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