Across from Billini plaza is a well to do man’s home of the nineteen hundreds. His home, which I am shown through, is several hundred years older than the Alcazar de Don Colon and several hundred years behind homes you find now in the Zona Colonia with modern refrigerated air, jacuzzi’s, fancy kitchens and garages. In another two hundred years, the homes of our future will be with us and who knows what rich people will demand that might filter down to the rest of us. This home, luxurious in it’s day, doesn’t even meet the required building codes in most American middle class neighborhoods in these times. What is more worth weighing is whether this man and family of the eighteenth century, compared with another man and family of our twenty first century, flourished and lived a happy life. A house doesn’t need to be new and fancy to be a happy home. What is more important than square footage and stainless steel appliances is whether the man of this house was happy to go home, and the people in his home were happy to see him when he hung up his hat and came inside the front door.  
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