Working For a Living

Shoe Problem Impossible to clean

These are a pair of Scott's work shoes from when he used to work hard. Instead of being covered with paint, which was Scott's income when public school teaching became intolerable,one of these shoes has residue from floor tile adhesive on its toe. The issue is wearing...

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Fixing a Leak Plumbers are needed

The main water supply line from the street to the house is accessible from the sidewalk. You lift a little metal door in the sidewalk and quickly find a leaking coupling that joins the city part of the water line with the homeowners part of the water line. This...

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Police Band Zona Colonial Plaza Santo Domingo Event

The last police band i saw was in Cuenca, at a celebration for ex-pats and foreign business development in that Ecuadorian city. This Santo Domingo events aim is to support women and fight domestic violence in Latin America.This police band provides some of the...

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Men at Work Santo Domingo, Zona Colonial

For those who have trouble putting up a shelf on the wall, someone had to build the house you live in, the car you drive. Someone had to educate your kids, grow the food you eat. Someone in the background has to mow your lawn, do your tax forms, listen to your heart,...

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Talking Man Newerk Airport

We listen to a lot of talking heads but this guy actually makes sense. As an employer, you don't have to pay his wages, retirement, medical benefits or deal with his personal issues that cost you money. Fred stays where you put him and does as he is programmed. He...

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Nosotros-Videos Chadd James on Flute

  Teaching and playing are different disciplines. Some musicians play. Some musicians teach. Some musicians both play and teach. There are lots of filters that can keep a teacher's message from reaching his students gas tank. If Chadd could just run a USB from...

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Controlled Violence Lunch at Dion's Pizza

  Eric, a retired Army Ranger, who patrolled streets of Iraq in full battle gear, has told me violence is a way of life  and controlling or neutralizing it was once his livelihood. When I talk with a man who has had to take another human life, regardless of...

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3 On A Match-Video Albuquerque Sunport

  This group belongs in cabarets in Berlin, London, Paris, after World War 2, without the smoke, SS Officers and floozies.   A first response to new music is often to discount or find faults with it because it is new. Another response is to recognize...

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Making the News KOAT, Channel 7, ABC, Albuquerque

Growing up in the 1950's, there were only three channels on our new black and white TV. The programming was sports, talent shows, westerns, game shows and nightly news.The broadcast day ended at midnight. In the 1960's,Johnny Carson got people to stay up later and...

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Beth’s Bar and Grill Benkleman, Nebraska

This might be Beth's Bar and Grill, but it might not be Beth who serves us. This morning our hostess, waitress, cook is a short, stubby, older looking than she is woman who wears house slippers and a blue apron. She screws up her face funny when she writes our order...

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In the Geo-Hut Home Bases

The Geo-Hut is adjacent to the derrick, hooked up to electric with heaters blasting 24/7 to deal with deteriorating colder and colder weather. Snow started yesterday and has laid a six inch blanket atop the Geo-Hut roof. Inside the trailer-office-bunkhouse, one bed is...

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