For those who have trouble putting up a shelf on the wall, someone had to build the house you live in, the car you drive. Someone had to educate your kids, grow the food you eat. Someone in the background has to mow your lawn, do your tax forms, listen to your heart, fix the pothole in the street. In every place Scotttreks goes, people are at work doing  unglamorous,tedious, dirty jobs that keep civilization going. Luckily, people are gifted to do different things. A world of actors would be all talk and no substance. In a world without financial men and women, nothing would get paid for. On a planet without ministers, we would all get big heads and believe the world rotated around us alone.. Without dreamers, there would be nothing new around every corner. There is always work happening wherever Scotttreks goes. Working men, and women, are worth celebrating.  
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