Teaching and playing are different disciplines. Some musicians play. Some musicians teach. Some musicians both play and teach. There are lots of filters that can keep a teacher’s message from reaching his students gas tank. If Chadd could just run a USB from his brain to my brain, he could download his considerable music knowledge and we wouldn’t have to wait for me to go through hours and hours of practice. At the heart of every jazz solo is technique, clarity of thought, pureness of emotion, and an intent to swing. There is, unfortunately, no USB connection that can bypass practice. My attempts to master flute playing have been unsuccessful. Chadd tells me the oboe is the hardest instrument to play he has ever tried. I’m stuck with alto sax and clarinet, my original horn. Right now, playing one horn well is about all the gas I have left in my tank. Right now, listening to Chadd play a flute solo, is as close to the flute as i want to be.  
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