Scott’s Adventures in Mexico

All Bones death on display

When you walk in Tulum, you become accustomed to seeing bones. There are full fledged skeletons sitting on park benches, skulls with sunglasses and jaunty caps, shelves full of ceramic heads with smiling teeth and bulging eyes, crosses and saints, religious retablos...

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Hauling Seaweed Even on the best beaches

Tides are capricious. Some places on this beach you find no nasty presents from high tide. There is white sand, pools of trapped sea water, an occasional shell. Other places you find a narrow strip of seaweed, like Christmas tinsel on a living room floor. In the worst...

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Gatos in Paradise making themselves comfortable

Cats are everywhere in Tulum, Mexico. These gatos sleep during the day and hunt at night. Even when asleep they can wake instantly, move into a predatory stance, run up a tree trunk to safety amid sea grape leaves. They are used to people, allow themselves to be...

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Caribbean Sea – Video Hotel Zone - Tulum

  The sea changes like a model's face. One moment it is smooth as glass all the way to the horizon, the meeting of water and air straight as a pencil line drawn by laying a ruler down. The horizon is so straight that you believe the world is flat like old...

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Gran Cenote Mayan Fresh Water

There is water wherever you look, but it  tastes salty and won't take away your thirst. Water falls from the sky, but, on land flatter than a tabletop, it doesn't run into rivers and down into the sea. Water seeps into the ground and collects in cenotes,...

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The Burro says Hi from Mexico scott and friend

You never know who you will meet on your morning walk. This burro is grazing by the side of the road, and, moments earlier, posed for a photo with a young man and his girl friend, who then snapped this photo of Scott in reciprocity. The burro decides he isn't pleased...

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Money Exchange pesos to dollars, dollars to pesos

Today, the exchange rate is nineteen pesos to a dollar. Along the Hotel Zone strip, ATM's, when they are working, dispense pesos and/or dollars. If you need money, you walk, bike, or drive to a little pitched roof shack on the main road not far from the Hemingway Eco...

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Sales Receipt as real as it gets

Sales receipts are prosaic. On most there are times and dates, food ordered and its price, balances due and how the bill was paid. There is a spot for taxes and gratuities. There can be series of numbers indicating stock numbers of merchandise, re-order times,...

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Food in the Yucatan eating well

There is color here. The beach is a blinding white slightly curving belt of sand holding the blue sea and green jungle loosely around the waist. The sky is a blue un-fenced playground for white soft clouds sailing like yachts. Sunlight is intense and filters through...

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Kite Surfing – Video play in the day

Kite surfing is here to stay. On this beach there is wind, day and night, a big plus for a kite surfer. Lounging in beach bars, you can feel wind hitting your face, hear palm fronds rustle, watch lizards on tree trunks lifting up on their front two legs to see...

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Mayan Outpost with Iquanas Tulum Ruins

The location of this old Mayan city is well chosen. It is a place Mayan elite lived for the best part of the year,entertained visitors, enjoyed food and drink on porches as their sun sank into the Caribbean sea. There were simple platforms built on the grounds upon...

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