Sales receipts are prosaic. On most there are times and dates, food ordered and its price, balances due and how the bill was paid. There is a spot for taxes and gratuities. There can be series of numbers indicating stock numbers of merchandise, re-order times, discounts, adjustments, credits. On this restaurant receipt, at the bottom, is the phrase, ” Keep Tulum weird. ” This is weird for a number of reasons. Weird, according to the Oxford dictionary, should really be spelled wierd to follow the rule – i before e except after c. Wierd has been spelled wrong so many years that both spellings are acceptable.Weird is also pronounced – wird, so we have a screwy English language where how a word sounds is not how it is spelled. “Have a good day” is often at the bottom of sales tickets ” We appreciate your business is sometimes at the bottom of sales receipts. In Tulum,” Keep Tulum  Weird ” is totally acceptable. The creator of this receipt is probably a seventy year old hippie living an an airstream trailer in a fenced off lot on the beach bought in the fifties for several thousand dollars. He would sell but can’t move because his cat, Mister T, likes to nap on an old couch under the airstream awning, on top of a Pittsburg Pirates World Series Blanket. For all its weirdness, Tulum is becoming very comfortable. 
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