There is color here. The beach is a blinding white slightly curving belt of sand holding the blue sea and green jungle loosely around the waist. The sky is a blue un-fenced playground for white soft clouds sailing like yachts. Sunlight is intense and filters through the rustling leaves of a green canopy. Shops, bars and restaurants wear colorful pinks,turquoise, yellow, magenta, red. Bright birds pause on dark brown wood fences. Tourists wear straw hats,purple sarongs,black thongs.  Food is colorful too. For breakfast there is white pineapple,orange and green cantaloupe,green apples,red papaya ,pinkish watermelon. Eggs are deep yellow and brown bread is baked locally. Stiff brown coffee, the color of Mayan skin, tops off one’s morning meal.  Somehow, this breakfast looks and tastes better than a McDonald’s egg McMuffin. Somehow,if you aren’t a prisoner, you shouldn’t be eating prison food.  
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