When you walk in Tulum, you become accustomed to meeting bones. There are full fledged skeletons sitting on park benches, skulls with sunglasses and jaunty caps on shop shelves, brightly colored ceramic skulls with smiling teeth and bulging eyes. It is February and Halloween has long since been packed away in warehouses. In Mexico and other warm climates, death is never packed away. It is on display and in your face as you sip coffee, have a pina colada on the beach, drive in a taxi to a tantalizing tourist adventure. I sit next to this fellow and have a conversation about the best beer in town. He tells me he misses drinking,going fishing, his wife and kids. He tells me he doesn’t have much advice, but his all time best advice is that ” people hang themselves in their own nooses.” I ask him, gently, what noose caught him? He turns and smiles at me with good teeth, and says, ” You got an hour? ”  
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