Scott’s Adventures in Texas

Pompano’s and Whitey’s surf fishing on South Padre

  " Some days you do better in the boat and some days better on the beach, " the fisherman in coveralls tells us as he opens his cooler and shows us his Pompanos and Whiteys, game fish in this part of the Gulf of Mexico. The bottom of his cooler has five or six...

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Prospecting On the beach at Padre

Prospecting is in your blood, or it isn't. On a weekday, at the beach, Neal prospects, Joan knits, Scott pulls his hat down and lays back against a dune and watches kite surfers move across the water. The wind is blowing, but it is better here than in a frigid north...

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Sea Turtle Rescue Center South Padre Island Drive

Sea turtles can grow to five hundred pounds and range widely over the world's oceans. They mysteriously return to lay eggs on the same beach where they were born and man has been one of their biggest enemies since their meat is tasty, their shells can be fashioned...

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Kite Surfing South Padre Island

This Padre Island surf isn't the best but the wind here is usually strong and steady. Kite surfers combine kites and surfboards and hitch themselves to the wind for free rides, skimming the top of the surf like stones thrown across the top of a lake's surface. Wearing...

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Pieces of Eight Morning walk on Padre Island beach

Early, gold hunters show up with wading boots, windbreakers, wide brimmed caps, sunglasses, their gold detectors dipped into frothy water. The sky, water, and beach run together like a tightly edited film. Everything in this landscape moves but seems to stand still....

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Sandcastle Art Mermaid and Dolphin

Sand is the most common material on the beach. While we walk on it, draw initials or hearts with arrows through them, there are those who use sand to sculpt fantastic visions. Outside Pier 19 in South Padre Island there is a sand sculpture. There is sand art in front...

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Wash and Wax winter cleaning

Isla Blanca Park, at the south end of South Padre Island, is full of recreational vehicles that are more homes than campers. Snowbirds come down here to the tip of Texas for months, unfold carpets in front of their rigs, set up lawn chairs, bring out plants and yard...

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Going to the Dogs South Padre Island beach

People love dogs.  Dogs behave as humans should behave. They are loyal, patient, love unconditionally, and show affection. Many retirees who pull their Rv's to the Isla Blanca Park in South Padre Island, Texas do so because they don't want to leave their dogs...

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Seagull Charley Morning on South Padre Island Beach

Seagull Charley doesn't come when you call his name. Without a fish for Charley, he ain't going anywhere and won't push tennis balls with his beak or do circus tricks. You can train most anything to work for food and attention but this morning Charley strolls the...

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Fact and Fiction South Padre Island, Texas

  South Padre Island is accessible from Texas highway 100 via the Queen Isabella Bridge that connects Port Isabel, Texas on one end and South Padre Island on the other. When you hit the beaches here you have miles and miles to walk and on most mornings men and...

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Monahan’s Sandhills Where are the camels?

It is Weston's idea to go see the dunes. Passing through Midland on my way to the beach at Padre Island,Texas, I pay a visit to a nephew living in what some call " the armpit " of Texas. Saturday we drive to the sand hills, take off our shoes and climb dunes. Sunday...

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Courtyard Texas Oasis

One can see joy when Bedouin travelers top a mountain of sand and wind their way down to an oasis with date trees, water, and a flat place to set up tents, unroll hand woven rugs, and build small fires in the enormous desert night. This courtyard is the same, a quiet...

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