This Padre Island surf isn’t the best but the wind here is usually strong and steady. Kite surfers combine kites and surfboards and hitch themselves to the wind for free rides, skimming the top of the surf like stones thrown across the top of a lake’s surface. Wearing wet suits, their rides today last as long as this wind lasts, and, in South Padre Island, the wind is no hundred pound weakling. An older surfer with a red kite laments that there ” isn’t enough wind ” as he holds a finger up to test which direction it is coming into the beach. Regardless of misgivings , he still gets his kite aloft, follows it into the surf, lays back, and lets his kite pull him  upright. It appears, as I watch him, that he is moving quick, parallel to the beach, his kite blasted by the breezes Letting nature pull you for a free ride is hard to beat. Sharing the water with others who love what you love is also fun. There are several of these kite surfers out there, taking care not to run into each other. Last time I looked, we live and play in a paradise.  
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