One might think getting peanut butter in Uruguay is easy. When your taste buds get the best of you though, it becomes a scavenger hunt to satisfy your suddenly craving taste buds. The only place I have found peanut butter in Montevideo has been at the Frog, a small mini-grocery you find in small Montevideo neighborhoods where Americans hang out.You guess the Frog carries peanut butter because tourists want it, but I want to shake the purchasing agent’s hand, or give her a kiss, for having it on the shelf. I know I am ready to go home when I am thinking of a salad bar, a great American hamburger,  barbecue ribs, a plate of green enchiladas with salsa and chips, a Chinese buffet with General Tao’s chicken and great green beans. The peanut butter jar goes into my suitcase to go to Costa Rica tomorrow. I am especially looking forward to the fantastic breakfast buffet at the Hotel Aranjuez in San Jose. Waking up to a fresh cup of Costa Rican coffee, a made to order omelet, fresh fruit and pastries you always like, is long overdue. I can’t move to a country that doesn’t feed me right, or have peanut butter in more than one grocery store..  
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