The early bird gets the worm, and, the early fisherman gets the fish. One of the activities popular around Salto, according to TripAdvisor, is Dorado fishing. One of the guides that receives the best write ups is Gianni Juncal, who speaks English and maybe writes it too. All the reviews I’m seeing on my computer praise the Captain, who, reviewers say, works hard to give everyone a chance to catch fish. That is all you can do with fishing. Fish bite when they feel like it and they just don’t care about you standing all day in a boat showing them what you think they will like. The best fishing grounds on the Rio Uruguay are up north, towards a huge hydroelectric dam that provides over 80% of Uruguay’s electricity. These world class fishing grounds also reach into Argentina which means special permits to wet a hook are needed to fish there. Gianni refers to La Zona in his E-mail reply to my fishing inquiry.  Because I leave Salto tomorrow, I send a declining thank you e mail back to the Captain. The only way this fishing trip would have happened is if I had shown foresight and arranged it before I got to Uruguay. Planning has never been one of my strong suits so I compensate by spending inordinate amounts of time and energy pondering things that have already happened and writing prose about it. An opportunity that gets away is never as bad as an opportunity seized that doesn’t get its own write up.  
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