Spirit Talks

Llamas Larkspur, Colorado

Llamas are a staple in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and other high Andes South American countries.  Llama wool keeps locals warm and you can buy llama sweaters, caps and blankets in open markets in Otavalo, Ecuador as well as other marketplaces in the southern hemisphere....

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King for the Day Get your crown at Burger King

These crowns are made from paper with printed jewels on the side. They adjust to fit all heads and there are plenty to go around. Customers can take them for free and kids are not the only ones that wear them. Kings used to be in short supply, one to a country. In...

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Sunday Church-Video At Washed by the Word Church, Albuquerque

Sunday's are predictable and that is not  bad. There is praise and worship, announcements, then expository teaching verse by verse, book by book. There are no frills, no topical sermons, no guest speakers, no videos. This Sunday we are serenaded by singers from a...

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Discover, Teach, Heal Three Fountains in One.

Any one of these titles, alone, would be a worthy life goal. The University of California at Irvine's Medical Center features three of their goals on a fountain in front of the hospital. Titles like Love, Create, Respect, Contribute could also be chiseled into these...

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Fountainhead UC Irvine Medical Center nature walk

At the top of a little path on a nature walk near the University of California Irvine Medical Center there is a small fountain in a memorial to lost infants. I watch the bubbling water and think of beginnings and endings,a place where life springs into existence and...

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StarBucks Break Coffee on skeleton crew

Halloween has crawled out of the grave for another year. At a local Starbucks, Freddie doesn't have to bone up on store policy, customer relations, or how to work the register. He hands out coffee and keeps his mouth shut because he rattles when he talks. This morning...

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Dave Goodbye's

The last time I talked to Dave was on the phone. When he finally called me back he told me about his hospital stay, about the nurses, the food, the Doctors, the medications, the weather. " It's all that smoke in the air, " he explained as his reason for being in the...

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Puzzles Sunday School

Kids like playing on the carpet.  Checked in,Sunday school youngsters come back to their classrooms, sometimes hesitant, sometimes petulant, sometimes joyful, sometimes interested, sometimes full of bad intentions.  Tonight's theme will be Noah. It is about a...

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It’s the Feeling, Man! Jazz

On Saturday mornings, the New Mexico Jazz Workshop jam is in order. Open cases are spread on the floor, Real Books rest on stands,metal folding chairs have been unfolded, coffee is okay outside the rehearsal room, guitarists plug in amps, sax players suck on reeds,...

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Sunday School Naming Animals

  Genesis is the first book of the Holy Bible. The Creator made the universe, fashioned Earth, came up with a perfect garden, filled the Earth with plants, animals, Adam and Eve. One of Adam's directives was to take care of the garden. Another was to stay away from...

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Three Jelly fish Albuquerque Biopark

Fish live in water. They are streamlined with fins for rudders and propulsion, have bodies that create little friction between them and the water that supports them. Light filters down from the water's surface where we can see them take graceful turns at the tank's...

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