The papusa is an El Salvadorean snack.

It is a grilled soft tortilla, much like a pancake, stuffed with chicken, pork, cheese, beef, cheese, and condiments. They are  $1.25 U.S. at this El Salvadorean restaurant in downtown San Pedro Town. 

Night in San Pedro Town has a different look than day. There are bright lights, new characters, corners look less defined, worn facades are obliterated by dark.

The papusa is working class food. 

If you are on vacation and want to indulge you go to Elvie’s Kitchen for fantastic local food. If you want to budget, you check out little stands and street food.

El Savador has established a foothold here, along with Guatamalan’s selling woven products on the beach. Nicaraguan’s work with concrete and construction. European’s do banking. Belize natives fish, work for the government, or live off tourism..

Night is cool and pleasant, a welcome respite from day’s sun.

Night people have cat’s eye’s and dark hearts.


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