When I travel light I look for a laundry first thing. 

Down the street ,from Chez Caribe ,is my dirty clothes salvation.

Kenny owns and operates the J and J Laundry with long hours- six days a week. You take your clothes, drop them off ,and Kenny, or one of his staff, wash, dry, put them in a plastic bag, and have them ready when you return to pick them up later in your vacation day.

Kenny has been up and running for a year and bought the business from a previous owner who was tired of doing dirty socks. Along with the laundry business came Karaoke equipment. This means Kenny takes care of your dirty clothes and your dirty singing.

This morning I pick up my clean clothes and go home feeling clean.

Belize is almost behind me and Ecuador is peeking its head around the bend in time’s river, moving its right forefinger and inviting me to visit.

My stay here has been wonderful. I am well suited for island life where there is no zoning and a million dollar beachfront home shares the same vista with a drunk fisherman sleeping under a rowboat.

Doing laundry is hardly newsworthy, but skip it and things start to smell bad.




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