Home Bases

House Car Home Sweet Home

This home on wheels was originally owned by a couple from Louisiana who traveled from town to town with a carnival. They sold kewpie dolls and prizes, and, as far as we know, lived as happy as the Old Lady who lived in a Shoe. Inside, it is roomy enough for a couple...

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In the Geo-Hut Home Bases

The Geo-Hut is adjacent to the derrick, hooked up to electric with heaters blasting 24/7 to deal with snow and deteriorating weather. This snow started yesterday and has intermittently laid a six inch blanket atop the Geo-Hut roof. Inside the trailer, one bunk is...

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Campout at McDonalds Four thirty in the morning

  Sometime last night this homeless statistic rolled his shopping cart/closet onto Ronald McDonald's premises and parked it.  The Albuquerque homeless problem is ubiquitous even if un-employment is low and jobs are rumored to be everywhere.. Most  intersections in the...

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Earth Our Planet

Earth is the third planet from the Sun and the only astronomical object known to harbor life. Radiometric dating and other evidence say the planet was formed some 4.5 billion years ago. The world population is currently 7.53 billion people. give or take a few million....

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Ghost Chairs In a storm

These old fashioned lawn chairs, made from steel with curved welded parts assembled in some long closed Iowa factory, have moved several times from their original homestead, on Bellamah Street. They used to sit in the back yard under a cherry tree that grew tart...

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Morning Walk Nothing but nature

  March, April, May, rains slow, typhoons bedevil other shores, sunshine beats down on the coconut canopy. The first few days in a new place are like a detective looking for clues. The traveler looks for local places, people, events that put it in perspective. Is it...

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Casa Armijo 1st house in Albuquerque

The Armijo hacienda began as one of the first homes in Albuquerque, but was long ago resurrected as a popular Old Town restaurant, " La Placita. "  Haciendas were self contained economically, spiritually, emotionally. Several generations of family lived, worked,...

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Albuquerque In the shadow of the mountains

From the top of the Sandia Mountains, looking west, you see Mount Taylor, New Mexico's highest peak, seventy five miles away. Looking north, you see Placitas and the Ortiz Mountains, near Madrid, that used to be an 1800's gold, silver and turquoise mining boom town...

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Storage Blues Running out of space

  Landfills are busting seams, the bottom of oceans have deep channels cluttered with refuse, the Himalaya's have Coke cans and zip lock bags at the bottom of their crevices. On television, " Storage Wars " is a cable entertainment about scavengers who buy items left...

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Gender Dysphoria California Dreaming

This is an All Gender Restroom at the UC Irvine Medical Center in Los Angeles, California.  The worst thing about this sign is having to figure out where all these genders are suddenly coming from, and whether I can open the door, safely go inside, and use the...

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Southwest Ambience Old Town, Albuquerque

Places have details that identify them. Pine trees don't grow in the Mojave Desert. Orchids don't grow in the Arctic.  The Southwest has adobe walls, wrought iron gates, red chili's dried and tied together to make ristras, heavy wooden doors, the smell and look of...

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Welcome Home 305

  Home bases take different looks. They can be hotel rooms, bungalows, RV's, tents, apartments, houses, townhouses.They can be overlooking the Atlantic in Uruguay, lost in the Andes, on Caribbean shores with palms and yachts, standing on stilts in a Louisiana bayou....

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