Real estate has always been investment worthy. People want to own a home and homes are assets that, in America, have historically appreciated in value. In retirement communities like this, there are always For Sale signs in yards though. People die, move back home to be with the kids, decide they don’t need a second home, look to downsize, decide their second home experiment isn’t going to suit them anymore. This is typical Arizona suburbia with wide streets,cactus, stuccoed- patio homes with two car garages, covenants,property taxes, newspapers still thrown in driveways, mail delivered daily by mail women driving little white vehicles. There is a rock in a flower bed in this home’s entry way with the word ” Harmony ” engraved on it. Harmony, as used here, means no crime, living in a gated community, not having noisy neighbors after ten in the evening, good schools for your kids and grand kids. Marie shouldn’t have trouble selling this home. It is on the internet and her sign gives her phone number in large print. This house comes with a nesting bird and all the Harmony you bring with you on move in day. Houses don’t become homes till you move your coffeemaker and tooth brush in.  
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