Most RV’s spend most of their life in storage. Sometimes they are kept in their own garages like prized thoroughbreds. Most often they are parked in driveways, back yards, side lots – uncovered, unprotected, unloved. Scotttrek’s classic recreational vehicle is kept in storage at a local Airstream dealer, and, for sixty dollars a month is safe, unmolested, and underappreciated. Times are changing, though, and the Sunrader will be started up, loaded up, and prepared for a different future. It may be that the Sunrader becomes a more than recreational home away from home. In troubled times, it is nice to know that you have a bathroom,a  kitchen,a place to rest your head, a hot shower and refrigerated air. The temptation has always been to sell this RV and save the sixty dollars a month, but when push comes to shove, insurance is always worth what we have paid to have it, when the time comes that we need it.  
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