Nowhere is a place too.

Nowhere is most often a remote, uninteresting, nondescript place, a place having no prospect of progress or success, obscure, miles from anything or anyone.

Nowhere is a place no one else wants to be, a place that offers no comfort, no wealth, no value.

Nowhere is a place to be though to gain privacy, a place to start something new, a place to build from the ground up what you see in your mind’s eye.

Pioneers struck out to find value in the nowhere reaches of the old west. Astronauts went into nowhere space looking for new worlds. Explorers in the sixteenth century ventured into nowhere to find profit. 

Chip, wife Lori, son Bowen, and Scott are striking out for Nowhere, Arizona.

There won’t be a town here, but, by the time we are done, this trip, there will be the start of a storage shed for Chip and Lori’s stuff. Their homestead is still a bit further down time’s road.

When you come to Nowhere, you don’t want to come with Nothing and you want to leave Something behind.

This is how it must have felt to the pioneers on wagon trains headed west after the American Civil War.





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