The things of man start with an idea.

Either you are hungry, uncomfortable, scared, envious, or in love.  Sometimes you are just bored and want to change because you can.

Chip and Lori want to live simple and live free. 

” It’s an experiment, ” Chip says, and, thankfully, his wife is going along with it. Moving in a different direction than your spouse is like trying to row a boat with oars going in opposite directions.

The corner posts go in first for a storage shed that will give Chip a place to store his tools out of the weather. He can put his generator inside and we can have electric to run our power tools.

I will come back to help when Chip has all his materials on site and we can put the shed together in a couple of  days.

Sitting around a campfire at night, under more stars than we can see, the place oddly feels like home, even if the wind whips up and the cold sneaks in under my bedroll and makes me wake up in the middle of the night.





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