Towards the end of a visit, I sort through high points, low points, things that didn’t go well, things that went well.

If you keep a journal, write a blog, take photos, or go with someone, you have a way to remember what happens. Traveling solo is tricky because you get off the beaten track, waste time and energy, spend needlessly, don’t see or do things you should. You miss the pleasure of other’s company.

This morning, on a wall in a local coffee shop, just under the  cash register, is comic strip wallpaper. The strips are a series of square boxes with pictures and dialogue in each square. This comic strip features a hard boiled detective and gangsters.

Scotttreks tells its story the same way as this comic strip, one post at a time, play by play.

It doesn’t take a detective to feel a difference between Uruguay and Costa Rica.

Warmer places tend to be looser places.

Uruguay seems more civilized, more geometric, more cold,more European.

Costa Rica is jungle and monkeys with ancient God’s with forked tongues and curving beaks.

Costa Rica is one of nature’s great incubators.

Tomorrow I head back to the United States and leave foreign destinations behind.

This trip has shown me different faces and I will return to Costa Rica again. It is one of Central America’s most developed economies and travel destinations.

Older, I don’t travel anywhere there isn’t a path to follow.

There is no place on this planet that people haven’t been before. 




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