Heckle and Jeckle Talking over the watercooler


These two questionable birds remind me of cartoon characters us kids watched on black and white television in the 1950’s, most often perched on a tree limb talking about crazy humans. They were, as they appear here, angular, opinionated, and had New York voices that were like a piece of coarse sandpaper rubbed over my cheek, and not gently.

Perched on a tiny end table in front of the Madrid, New Mexico Mine Shaft Museum, they, for the moment, aren’t gossiping loud enough that I can hear who they are roasting.

The Madrid mining museum is full of old rusted mining implements piled into one large open room, under a tin roof. Through an open doorway, I see old corroded machines that kept town mines operating in the 1800’s when lots of young men and painted women came out west to make their fortunes moving lots of dirt.

The curator of the museum, a gray haired volunteer woman standing by a manual cash register, talks in a mellifluous voice and explains, to an equally old couple listening attentively, how the town prospered in its heyday.

Not interested in paying to go inside the museum, I peek through the door for free, and hear Heckle and Jeckle laughing again.

For some odd reason, I want to buy the fountain and the two metal birds and place them all on a little table on my back porch in Albuquerque.

These two could really tell me funny, but true, stories about mining in Madrid, Mew Mexico, before the hippies came.

Watching humans all day must be about as funny as it gets.

Nesting Bird- Video Arizona Home for Sale

In the front courtyard of a vacant home for sale in Fountain Hills, Arizona, a bird has made her nest in a God’s flowing hair.

She, quietly, doesn’t move as I peek through windows into sad, empty rooms where someone used to live.

By the time this house is sold, her eggs will be hatched, her babies will try their wings and fly away to start their own families and build their own nests.

God’s, some believe, write our scripts and they write them with miscues, forgotten lines, improbable entrances and exits, all at the Great Director’s discretion.

I am wondering, as I film this Mom, which script this God is writing for us today and what changes I will have to make to how I think, what I do, where I go?

I would prefer a long boring script, instead of a short intense one, but God’s have a mind of their own and I’ll be given what I need instead of what I want.

If I could fly, I’d nest in a God’s locks too.



Frisbee Golf- Video Fountain Hills Park, Fountain Hills, Arizona

Golf, as invented in the Scottish countryside, used sticks and a ball.

Those old guys hit for a distant hole dug in the ground and added traps and water and hazards to make the game even harder than it is.They created a rule book and came up with tournaments and prizes to keep competition interesting and playing the game seem more noble than it actually is. Hitting a small ball with a stick with a club head, and getting it to go where you want it to, is a devilishly difficult skill.

Frisbee golf, as invented in our time, has recently become popular. There is a frisbee golf course around this Fountain Hills Lake and it features eighteen designated holes, some par three, par four, and par five. There are no traps but the goal is the same – get the ball around the course in the fewest amount of strokes, or throws.

These guys are practicing this morning for a Sunday tournament, and, by empty picnic benches, competitors are stretching, taking their frisbees out of Wal Mart tote bags and wiping them down with a clean rag.These two contestants tell me there are different sized frisbees for the different shots they have to make in a round. They  let me try my hand and toss one of their frisbees at a close by basket they are using to practice for their ten o clock tournament.

I give the frisbee a toss and manage to land it inside the little upright basket.

There is room in this world for ” frisbee golf. ”

After a round of ” frisbee golf ” I expect everyone  will easily be found at their ” nineteenth hole. ”

Drinking predates golf by thousands of years, and explaining why your score was so high is easier with a cold beer, chips and dip.

Whether it is real golf, or frisbee golf, GOLF is still a four letter word.




” The Fountain ” – Video Fountain Hills, Arizona


This morning, the Fountain goes off at nine sharp, when all the local businesses open. Ducks cruise past it like little feathered boats as a steady geyser of water is propelled several hundred feet into the air. 

I film the eruption from several directions and barely get it all into my camera viewfinder..

It is, as Chadd described it, ” very cool. ”

I’m not sure I would come to Fountain Hills just to see this fountain, but, being here, it is icing on the Fountain Hills cake.

I splash water on the my face to make sure this isn’t a mirage.

In the desert, you see lots of things that don’t seem to fit.





Street Music-Parque Colon-Santo Domingo Parmenio Diaz, Alto Sax

Playing Alto Sax is no easy affair.

Playing solo, in public, with no supporting team, is similar to shooting a game winning basketball free throw, in a championship series, with everything on the wire.

Parmenio plays with spirit.

There is room, in music, for all of us.

Even though our two playing styles and melodies are different, we both have to deal with intonation, technique, and what goes on between our ears when we throw sheet music away and play from our hearts.

Hearing another alto sax player who plays because he wants to is a joy.

We all play because we love it, but there are times I want to put my horn up for sale.

Melodies, like words, don’t always come easy.



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