In every crisis, you learn what is most important. Across America, the one item most people hoarded, during this Covid- 19 epidemic, was toilet paper, followed by disinfectants, face masks, hand cleaners and sanitary wipes. After toilet paper, ammunition and alcohol came in a close second and third. When the chips are down, and cards come out on the table,” Preppers”  all know what they need to barter with, their neighbors, and guard with their lives. When jobs are gone, banks are closed, grocery shelves are bare, people keep their distance, and money is worthless as the paper it is printed on, a few cases of toilet paper, alcohol and ammunition will be worth their weight in gold. This latest ” National Emergency” has just been a rehearsal for a bigger emergency down the road, one that will be planned as well as this one. In our state, gun stores are closed as non-essential and liquor stores have been closed,too, though you can still buy alcohol at the grocery. There is just so much that doesn’t make sense about this ” Government induced lock down ” that hoarding toilet paper seems just about the most rational thing a citizen can do. We have always lived in a world full of germs, bacteria and viruses, disease, infirmities, and death. Why, in human history, do we approach this virus any different than we ever have?    
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