Homelessness is no stranger. Disparity, economic or otherwise, is visible wherever you live.

We have homeless in Albuquerque who construct little cardboard houses by the freeways and under overpass’es. They push shopping carts down sidewalks and congregate at bus stops. They stand at major street intersections with hand scribbled signs full of bad spellings. As most of us know, there are,in the homeless army, Veterans, college graduates, parents, brothers and sisters without a suitcase to live out of.

There are volunteer positions some of us fill to help but most are band aids on major economic, medical, spiritual wounds.

This soul ,on the street, on my way to Colonial Square, is tossing food to the pigeons. They come waddling closer as he throws a handful of popcorn and they are not timid.

There is something Biblical about the scene.

When I see someone with nothing, give what they have, life seems brighter.


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