One of the draws of this San Jose, Costa Rica hotel is a serve yourself buffet breakfast.

It is not only a buffet breakfast with choices, but you get pure Costa Rican coffee, deep, dark, flavorful, in a big cup. The breakfast runs from seven to nine every morning. Guests pick up their meal pass at the front desk, present it at the dining room door, and bring their appetites.

There is just about anything here a picky breakfast eater could want. You have rice and beans, omelets cooked on a grill with your favorite ingredients, papaya, pineapple, bananas, bread and sweetbreads, ham and cheese slices you can turn into sandwiches, fried banana slices, juices, hot coffee or tea, and other chef specialties to fill gaps on your plate.

The times I have stayed here in past years the menu has been different each day,but always with an eye on basics Travelers need a good breakfast. Growing hungry in the morning, halfway up a rain forest mountain trail, is not where you want to be.

This morning is gratifying because food in Uruguay was not its strong point .

Knowing what you are going to get, and getting it the way you like it, is worth getting up at six thirty in the morning.

I am back in the tropics and warming up to the next leg of this walk about.

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