This Lagoon was formed 23,000 years ago after an explosion on one on Mombacho’s bad hair days.

It is fed by a number of surface and underground water sources and is one of the first Nature Preserves created in Nicaragua to preserve the country’s natural landscape.

In tourist season there are kayaks in the water, swimmers, picnic’s and family outings, hiking, diving and other recreation. The Preserve has public areas that give access to the water for free or private businesses that let you use their facilities for six to seven dollars U.S. a day.  A round trip shuttle to the Lagoon is $15.00 from Granada if you go with a group tour and spend most of the day at the Park.

This morning, I walk the edge of the lagoon and catch locals washing clothes,bathing, swimming, wetting a hook, and kayaking . The water is unusually clear and I can see the bottom  of the lagoon covered with scattered lava rocks, reflections of clouds on the water’s surface.

In the old days, Hollywood came out with a movie called ” Creature from the Black Lagoon. ”

There are myths about creatures in this lagoon, but they remain myths until we see a real gilled man in person, some Halloween moonlit night.

Believing in things we can’t see is difficult, but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

One good thing about being human is most really bad stuff we aren’t going to live long enough to see.

When Mombacho throws a big fit, again, it will take out this entire country.