Even though airline food is made for a small eater, in a miniature container with a small spoon, it is appreciated.

The man next to me feels like talking and listening costs me nothing.

One pleasure of travel is meeting other people who are travelling too. Some travel for business and have little choice. Others travel because they like the thrill. Some combine both business and thrills.

Luis immigrated to the U.S. from Uruguay thirty years ago and became an American. He self finances trips to Central and South America where he takes medical supplies to small towns and country folks who don’t have access to medical care. He organizes training sessions for medical personnel in little villages so they have skills to take care of health crisis themselves.

Luis tells me about villages in Guatemala and Chili, Peru and Nicaragua – all places I haven’t been.

When the plane gets to Lima and stops to pick up more travelers going to Costa Rica, he transfers planes to make his connections to San Salvador and New York. His wife doesn’t like to travel but doesn’t mind him doing what he loves as long as she gets some love too.

I close the book on Uruguay.

It has one foot in the the past, one foot in the present, one hand reaching for the stars and one hand on its wallet.

Maldonado, in retrospect, is a city I should have paid more attention too, a place with a good mix of work and money, access to culture and the beach, set in a natural setting. 

The truth, however, is that I can find places to visit and live like this in my own country .Why, i ask myself when no one else is listening, would I want to give up a perfectly good life in my own country to be a foreigner in someone else’s country?

Some questions really do have to be wrestled with and sometimes it takes a big trip to start the wrestling match.






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