Mogpog has typhoons. Colorado has snow.

This morning Colorado vehicles have a blanket of white and sun is beginning to melt the blanket. 

The United States has launched cruise missiles into a Syrian military base claiming chemical warfare was used against other combatants in an ongoing proxy war. Russia is moving a carrier to the gulf and adding missile defense systems to Syrian military installations. North Korea will start a nuclear war if attacked by the U.S.. American troops are moved to Poland. The stock market continues to go up as earnings and U.S. GDP goes down. Fifty million Americans are on food stamps. Homeless vets hold signs on corners asking for loose change.  

This snow is a message that the Philippines are in my rear view mirror.

In Mogpog, I didn’t worry about tomorrow, think about World War 3, or dream about fire cutting through big cities where apocalyptic wandering lone wolfs fight each other for survival.

In Mogpog, we sat next to a little fan on the front porch and watched lazy clouds hopscotch across the sky.

In a couple of months, I’m going to Haiti.

I seem to have an affinity for off the beaten track kind of places.



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