Indian School is an east- west Albuquerque boulevard that ends at the Embudo Canyon Open Space at the far east side of the city..

The parking lot, at the roads end, is the beginning of a city Open Space area that moves into the Cibola National Forest Wilderness. The nature walks and trails, at the cities edge, open at seven each morning and close at seven each evening. If you are bold, you can hike back as far as you want into the wilderness and camp out all night under the stars.

 Along our normal hike,my friend Alex and I always pass Apache Plumes, cactus, mesquite, juniper trees,jagged granite boulders with lichen holding to them tenaciously, rugged mountains laughing at our winding progress. Along our trail there is a huge city deep water well enclosed by a chain link fence and guarded by government signs showing statutes that warn bad things happen to those who trespass.Wildlife has hidden itself but you see signs they are close by, if you are observant.

Other hikers are out too this early morning, and, as we pass each other on the trail, we all say our hellos cheerfully. Nature lovers are glad to be out even if seeing humans is not what we come to the foothills for.

By the time Alex and I finish our route,more parking spaces have opened up and the lot is looking empty like it should.If you paid people to walk, we would never be able to find a place to park in this tiny lot.

Nature and exercise,in 2019, still aren’t part of everyone’s vocabulary even though we are all urged by our medical professionals to be more active.

It is funny, to me, to see signs putting Open and Close times on the Wilderness and gates locked to keep people out at night.

Last time I looked, the wilderness wasn’t wearing a watch and stuff goes on here during the day too.

Starting my car and heading home, I’m very sure no one that lives out here gives a damn about our human time tables.

I come here because morning walks are just part of my routine and Alex has known me so long that he just nods his head when I say something dense.


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