Scott’s Adventures in Belize

Monkey Business Feeding the spider monkey

We don't see any other monkeys on this trip. More might be here, but this is the only one who is tame enough and smart enough to meet the boat, take food from us tourists, and entertain for his bread and butter. He is a spider monkey and almost as cute as the little...

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River ride to Lamanai fifteen miles to go

The final stretch to Lamanai is a fifteen mile ride up the Old River. The river reminds me of a Mazatlan boat ride and a ride down the Tortuga river in Panama. I am a city guy but get to the country as much as I can. Many city denizens know nature only when it bites...

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Sea-Rious Tours Taking a tour to the mainland

There are as many tour companies in San Pedro Town as there are bars, restaurants, or lodgings. The day tour from San Pedro Town to the Mayan ruins at Lamanai on the Belize mainland, including drinks, transport , food, a guide and park fee is $150.00 U.S . We are gone...

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Pool at the Average Joe Bar pool sharks beware

Evenings, if you get bored, you play pool at the Average Joe Bar down the street from Chez Carib, next to the Caribbean Fuels gas station. Pool is a good game to know how to play, and, like riding a bicycle, you get rusty in your skills but you don't forget how. In a...

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Palapa Bar and Grill A San Pedro Town Institution

A palapa has a thatched roof that lets rain run off like water runs off a duck's back. The structure is functional, not complicated to build, and uses local materials. In a big wind it creaks and moves because wood and thatch are flexible in winds. High ceilings catch...

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Rabbit’s new wheels In the shop in Belize

Golf carts are in, in San Pedro Town. Some of the carts are old; others are new. New ones cost from nine to fifteen thousand U.S. dollars depending on what they have under their seat, and, while the carts aren't complicated mechanically, mechanic shops around town are...

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Belize Bike Ride headed south

Ambergris Caye is not wide but it is long. From one end to the other is over twenty eight miles. San Pedro Town is in the middle of the island and holds most of the business and population. There is one improved road both to the south and  the north, but, once...

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Ramon’s Village Good value in San Pedro Town

According to Rabbit, retired bartender, bar owner, tourist industry survivor and raconteur, Ramon's Village is one of the better values in San Pedro Town. If you are coming to Ambergris Caye for a week and want to have convenience, service, good food, security, access...

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Places – San Pedro Town San Pedro Town Places

People are part of a trip. Places are another part. Places are where people go for fun, for business, to restock, to rest, to meet, to connect, to share news. These places in San Pedro Town are like little trinkets on a charm bracelet women wear on their ankles. ...

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Sorry- Closed Monday morning in San Pedro Town

  This computer store in San Pedro Town has Monday hours that show they should be open at 9:00 a.m. When I arrive, at 9;15 a.m., to get help making memory on my I Phone by transferring photos to a memory stick , the sign on their front door says "closed ." ...

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Progress at Chez Caribe building a path

Lake Caribe has not vanished. This morning a path is built of cinder blocks so those of us walking from the house to the street don't get our shoes wet. Some say there is no progress in this little slice of Paradise but this path is living proof that us humans adapt...

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