Lake Caribe has not vanished. This morning a path is built of cinder blocks so those of us walking from the house to the street don’t get our shoes wet. Some say there is no progress in this little slice of Paradise but this path is living proof that us humans adapt to Mother Nature when we have to. Walter and I build the cinder block stepping stone path the morning after the big rain, and, except for a little sliding of blocks when you walk on them, it works perfectly. The world news today is terrorist bombings in Paris, France. That country continues to let refugees into their country by the hundred thousands, don’t know their intentions, and seem surprised that they are getting victimized by those they seem to think they have to help.  In San Pedro Town, the world is out there somewhere, beyond the reef. Hopefully, that is where the world stays. Building a simple cinder block path to get from the house to the road is more pressing than Paris and is something Walter and I have control over.  
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