Ambergris Caye is not wide but it is long. From one end to the other is over twenty eight miles.

San Pedro Town is in the middle of the island and holds most of the business and population. There is one improved road both to the south and  the north, but, once off the pavement, roads north or south are potholed, dirt, muddy in places, difficult to navigate.

As you go to the south you become more private, isolated, and meet open space. There are resorts and guest accommodations that have ” Beware of Dogs ” signs on their gates, security cameras and barbed wire, swimming pools, fences. There are also wood shacks where a single electric pole runs twentieth century technology to seventeenth century shacks.

This morning I borrow Jack’s bicycle.

Along the ride. I stop for pictures and when I hit ” Hotel California” I know this is where people with money end their search for privacy, freedom, paradise.

A sign on the property’s fence says, ” Trespassers will be shot first, and then shot again if they survive. ”

At the end of this ride is a knot of construction men digging into the ground installing PVC pipe in a hole to hold electric wires for a future gated community for escapees from the north.

In paradise, someone has to mop floors, fix broken, babysit, build.

The Marcos Gonzalez archeological site is an old trading site dating back to 100 B.C. On my way back to Chez Caribe, I hide my borrowed bike in the brush while I explore. 

A bicycle is a poor man’s Cadillac and plenty of poor people would borrow one for free.

I’m not much of one to put harm into people’s way.




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