Golf carts are in, in San Pedro Town. Some of the carts are old; others are new. New ones cost from nine to fifteen thousand U.S. dollars depending on what they have under their seat, and, while the carts aren’t complicated mechanically, mechanic shops around town are busy. Unpaved roads and cobblestone streets play hell with front ends and suspensions. Rabbit’s cart was loaned to him by a female friend going back to the states for a month. On the way to the airport it broke down and they had to get a taxi and she missed her flight. Her mechanic towed it to his shop and when Rabbit picks it up it still doesn’t seem right. When you push the gas pedal the cart hesitates before engaging in gear. ” It’s a solenoid under the gas pedal, ” Rabbit says, and, not being a mechanic, I can’t say that isn’t the problem . When you ride in a golf cart here, you have arrived. Knowing they are an expense, and continual problems, you are still glad to have one. When you got wheels, women find more to recommend you Bicycles beat walking and golf carts trump bicycles. If this baby breaks down again, you can bet his woman friend is going to pay the bill and we are going to drink all the beer.  
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