The final stretch to Lamanai is a fifteen mile ride up the Old River. The river reminds me of a Mazatlan boat ride and a ride down the Tortuga river in Panama. I am a city guy but get to the country as much as I can. Many city denizens know nature only when it bites them.  We are enroute to an ancient Mayan city built where the land rises higher and trees stand taller. There were many different tribes living under the Mayan umbrella. Their pyramids were built before Christ and these Lamanai ruins, saved from the jungle by British archeologists, give us glimpses of an ancient vanished past. Without explorers and discoverers, who venture to places everyone else finds not worth the effort, our lives would be dry. Without the world’s historians and storytellers, we would think we were the first to be here and there was nothing more here to learn. We would be intolerable.  
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