The grills are fired up and chickens are the topic of conversation. A local Hispanic church is doing a fundraiser selling food, used clothes and donated items outside their little church in San Pedro town. ” Jesus es la Repuestra ” the marquee says and they are doing brisk business this Sunday at lunchtime. I have barbecued chicken and rice with slaw, sit on a bench as a cluster of volunteers praise Christ, pack orders to go, and celebrate. A boombox, on the wall next to me, plays Cuban salsa. It feels like home to be hearing Spanish and even though New Mexico just got snow, which I know because I checked with the weather lady on the internet, I’m not ready to run back home just yet. There are rubber bands tied to my ankles that want to snap me back to the Land of Enchantment when I have pulled them to their maximum stretch. The rubber bands are extended, right now, almost to their maximum length. Jesus motions for us to follow, but some insist on putting toes in the water before their feet go in. Humming ” Amazing Grace “, sitting on a rock wall, the water is already up to my knees.  
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