A palapa has a thatched roof that lets rain run off like water runs off a duck’s back.

The structure is functional, not complicated to build, and uses local materials. In a big wind it creaks and moves because wood and thatch are flexible in winds. High ceilings catch cool breezes and hold it. You can see this palapa at the end of its own pier from land, water, or sky and it is a crowd favorite and local landmark.

On Sunday afternoon, on a road trip north, Rabbit and I visit the Palapa Bar and Grill.

The Grill has been here as long as most can remember but it has been recently sold and the old owner is opening a smaller place in town. The new owner has already been labeled an asshole. Apparently the right price was paid, and it must have been good, because this place is packed this Sunday afternoon.

The Palapa incentives are cool breezes, no mosquitoes, inner tubes to float on, good food and plenty of drinks. The place looks like a great location for a beer commercial.

When you are in San Pedro Town longer than a few days, you grow tantalized by gossip, rumor and speculation.  It is the quantity and quality of gossip that keeps glasses filled, entertainment flowing, and customers sitting on their bar stools.

The ladies in inner tubes are combining the best of drinking, tanning, socializing, and gossiping.

Civilization is out there somewhere.

We all wave as it sails past.




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