Evenings, if you get bored, you play pool at the Average Joe Bar down the street from Chez Carib, next to the Caribbean Fuels gas station.

Pool is a good game to know how to play, and, like riding a bicycle, you get rusty in your skills but you don’t forget how. In a new place it is a way to make friends, meet new friends, or keep friends you have. 

This evening the game is eight ball and, since there are six people who want to play, we partner up. Four play and then the winning pair of each game keeps the table and plays the two that sat out.

Jack and Kristi and Greg and Mark were here when I dropped in. Walter and I make a team.

I start well but lose ground.

This night there are good shots, bad shots, some erudite comments, and chatter. 

Beer and good shots do not have a good relationship, but beer lets you think you are better than your shots prove you are.





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